CONFUSION IS NEXT is a perfect band in the economic crisis.
They DIY in a Lo-fi way, following their motto (half english half italian pun)

Photos by Laura Camnasio -

CIN begun in feb. 2004 as two bored teenage guitarists, Teo & Lorenzo, in a grey high school of a city in the north of Italy, Monza, a city of F1 races and a king assasination, a few kms away from Milan. They decided to bang some noise together, form a grunge band, writing original songs and naming themselves after one of the most disturbing songs of early Sonic Youth. Mixing several influences and tastes, the band took final shape with Fabrizio (aka Bicio) and Giuseppe (aka Pinno), drum and bass, in october 2004. With a live debut in december 2004, CIN were ready.
Working on this early material, the band recorded/mixed/mastered in june 2005, in a unique ten hour session, the 7 songs that form "Spread The Spirit".
The band spent a large amount of time, efforts and ideas working from september 2005 'till the end of 2006 to write the follow up to "Spread The Spirit", a project called "Lost in Dark days".
In the first days of january 2007 they recorded 4 new songs, hoping to use them as a demo to find someone to produce and finish the album. They did not find anyone, but in summer they found out about something called "netlabel scene".
In october 2007 the spanish netlabel Trastienda finally released "Spread The Spirit", giving the band a much more wide exposure. That was their way. The opening track "Chlorine" was featured on darkerradio compilation "Free Music Chart Dezember 2007".
With this new blood in their veins, CONFUSION IS NEXT wrote even more material, and decided to finally complete "Lost in Dark days" and to release it on Trastienda and on the italian Ekleipsi Netlabel. In april 2008 they recorded the remaining 4 tracks for "Lost in Dark Days", home mastered thru a friend all the 8 songs, and released the album online in may/june.
The album went really well, the songs got featured in some compilations ("Dolebrai vol2", "Netbloc #19", "Valentine's Day"). "Blue roses box letters" got mentioned on Phlow Magazine by Barry Rodgers of Lost Children Netlabel as one of the best free songs in 2008, and "Lost in Dark Days" as one of the best free album of the year. They got good reviews  and good amount of downloads.
In early 2009 the band got contacted by Af Music label for the release of their new upcoming album, along with Trastienda Netlabel, named "The Generation Of This Order". In July/August 2009, CIN releases "THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER" in a free version on Trastienda Netlabel and in a deluxe digital version on afmusic: a 70's psychedelia and modern post rock blend. A 5 songs, 30 minutes long journey thru sonic nights, white venetian masks and dark shadows.


Matteo Radice - guitar, vocals

Lorenzo Nocerino - guitar, back vocals

Giuseppe "Pinno" Pinnavaria - bass, back vocals

Fabrizio "Bicio" Pontiggia - drums, back vocals